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She Lives and Breathes the Fierceness of the Forest
Lone Thoughts of Wild Horses_edited
Peaceful Beach
Searching the Soul
Reminiscent Thunder
Reflections of a Summer Mirage
Breathe Easy
A Healing Journey Begins
Keeping Time, Cosmic Clockwork
The Wind Dances with the Sea
Awareness Meets Gratitude and Forgiveness is Born
Transcripts of Dream Memories
Blue Moon_ Lady in the Sky

"The Inspiration for my art, Finds me when I listen..."

She Lives and Breathes the Fierceness of the Forest

Swirling colored pencil drawing of an abstract female head and shoulders emerging out of a landscape

Emerging from the hills, in every color of nature's blooms, the feminine energy rises from the Earth...she brings with her protective nuturing qualities, healing the great divide and separation between all beings and living creatures...pour peace into our world beginning with our own moment & one awakened choice at a time.

Lone Thoughts of Wild Horses

Abstract colored pencil and watercolor horizon with silohettes of wild horses running

Imagining the feeling of the world from the view of wild horses, what it feels like to run free, how the details turn to blurs and the unimportant items fall harmlessly away.  Run free, find your path.

Watercolor crayon & colored pencil on paper

Searching the Soul
Graphite and watercolor crayon drawing of Standing Rock created before the peaceful protest began

This vision came to me in May of 2016.  A powerful meeting of soul energy grounded among waterways and great plains. A landscape heavy with conversation.  I now believe it was a premonition of the Standing Rock happenings taking place right now. I Stand with Standing Rock.  I Stand for Peace and Mother Earth. May the Greater parts of all people come together to protect our water and our land.  

Graphite and watercolor crayon on paper

Peaceful Beach

Watercolor crayon on paper drawing of the sunset at the beach

There is a restorative quality, an invisible force steadying the very rhythm of our heartbeat...the beach, the shore, the place where water endlessly moves, marrying sandy land...playing in a cosmic orchestra.

Watercolor crayon on paper

Reminiscent Thunder
An abstract firey image of orange against Blue of distant mountain view

The feeling of thunder rolling through valleys and shaking earth underfoot, echoing against frost covered mountains.  The anticipated moment when sun rays part cloud walls.  Shadows on one mountainside and brilliance on the other, a metaphor for life, your perspective creates your world. 

Watercolor crayon on paper

Reflections of a Summer Mirage
Abstract oil pastel drawing with two pillars of green against a skyline of blue

Meditation.  Our well being depends on frequent vacations from mental stress.  Some people sing, some people dance, some people paint, some do it all.  When I feel too wound up to clear my mind, playing on a blank page with lots of colors brings me back to calm.  It offers a home to my wild tempest thoughts.  "Reflections of a Summer Mirage" was a vision on a tired night. Summer colors energize the image, strong vertical forms feel like stability and natural structure in an unpredictable landscape.


Oil Pastel on Paper

Breathe Easy
abstract image of what could be a pair of lungs or a landscape with two small figures in the image

I feel a sense of breathing in this drawing, the mixing of the soft pastels and the sharp lead pencil is like the harshness of the outside world that we must breathe in, process it within ourselves and return it to a softness to send back into the world...

Chalk Pastel, Pencil on Paper

Life is But a Dream Series
A Healing Journey Begins
The Wind Dances with the Sea
Abstract swirling colorsin a spiral shape and contrasting colors

∞These drawings are my inner-speak. They illustrate thoughts on the impermanence, the fleeting and interconnectedness - the ultimate oneness of being alive. This energy runs through us, drives us, inspires us. We ARE the moments and the projects and the time spent.  We often connect in joyful moments of clarity with the company of friends. We relax our guards and let down our walls of protection among friends. Life speaks the loudest in these moments of vulnerability. But the energy of being interconnected is always available.


I create to listen closely. I create to be vulnerable, to be beautiful, to be alive.  I create to connect, to see the world as a friend.

Abstract colors in flowing layered circular shapes
Awareness Meets Gratitude
and Forgiveness is Born
An Abstract shape that feels like a jellyfish and also weeping willow branches
Keeping Time with
Cosmic Clockwork
Abstract brightly colored overlapping shapes some of which resemble gears
Transcripts of Dream Memories
Swirling colors and images of small stick figures in various poses, acrylic painting with oil pastel drawings

Our experiences and memories continue to live on in the mystery of our minds.  I imagine that we hold the past in bubbles, perhaps carrying generations of events around with us.  Each new generation views the world through this additional layer of emotional lens.


The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like. When an image or a song "touches us,"the emotion of the piece has been attracted/connected to the same emotional part of ourselves.  That connection makes us aware of our emotion, sometimes revealing a forgotten sadness or anger. Now we have an important choice.  If we love the emotion we can let it grow, if we dislike the emotion we can let it go.  And this is the importance of art, it makes us aware of the emotional choices in our lives.


Surrounding ourselves with loving thoughts and joyful memories while allowing healing in areas of pain, can literally change our human experience.  This image speaks to this phenomena, that we shape our lives one thought (bubble) at a time.

Oil Pastel and Acrylic Paint on Paper

Blue Moon - Lady in the Sky
Graphite and colored pencil cloud like night sky with a bird like figure in the sky

And like a silent Earth-bound message, the clouds parted into a feminine figure in the night sky, imploring us all to move forward with nurturing, mothering actions. Nature holds rhythms of peace; the ocean waves, the patterns and spirals of living things, night and day, seasons changing. Natural awareness, our most basic meditation, brings calming and healing, a vacation that is as available as looking to the stars. Like stars projecting light, peaceful meditations send out healing vibrations. Let our focus manifest peace and love and healing...

Charcoal, graphite and colored pencil on paper
Peaceful Beach
Fierceness of the Forest
Reminiscent Thunder
Breathe Easy
Life is But a Dream
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