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Mixed Media

Sunset Journey
Bahama Snail Watching
I'm Going Home -Tracks in the Sand
Simple Perspective
Secret Garden
Pretty in Pink
My Favorite Daisy
My Glass is Blooming
Birthday Rock'n
Sunshine Through Blue Glass
Fire Light Night
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Cloud City
Electric Effect
Dark New Moon
Bridge the Great Divide
Transcripts of Dream Memories

"The Inspiration for my art, Finds me when I listen..."

Sunset Journey

Sunset Journey: gathering of seashell and ocean sunset images

A gathering of sunset moments...I imagine each shell is a whole world...complete enough to hold oceans full of sunsets...if we choose to see with infinite sight eyes...

Digital photography edited

Bahama Snail Watching

Image of Ocean rocks with snails and shells and sunlight

Gorgeous day for watching ...the water...the shells...the sun...the calm that swells inside when the daydream becomes real...

Digital photography

I'm Going Home - Tracks in the Sand

Image of bird tracks on the sandy beach

Impromptu walk on the beach, Do you hear the language of water? and peace and answers...resetting the natural rhythm strolling along the shore...

Digital Photography

Simple Perspective
Small fuzzy green plant in the winter ground

What if everything were simple...what if our jobs were to walk outside and just be...that is what I imagine plants must feel...with so many decisions made for them, location and perspective, the only choice they to adapt to their surroundings...

Digital Photography

Secret Garden
Green Plants in a garden, Daisy, seedum, hedge leaves on mulch

A place to be among the wild...if only in your own backyard...

Digital Photography

Pretty in Pink
Center of a pink flower, many multicolored petals and light green center bud

Feeling the heroic vibes of these last summer blooms... spending as much time as possible soaking in the late summer sun...

Digital Photography

Dynamic Daisy
Center of a red orange and yellow daisy

What begins as no bed of roses can often bloom into a garden full of dynamic daisies...

Digital Photography

Birthday Rock'n
Glass, Rocks & Fire
My Glass is Blooming
glass vase with water and single purple green onion bloom with onion tips

The glass is neither half empty, nor half full...the glass is blooming flowers...may we each find a way to grow some beauty in our glass...

There is beauty in the rocks, love the colors, love the summer, tiny pieces of Earth sparkling in the heat...

Assorted colored types of small rocks arranged on a wooden pallet
Sunshine Through Blue Glass

Digital Photography

Blue Glass with light streaming through

Was advised to picture myself in my favorite place to relieve anxiety...sunlight thru blue glass...the perfect shade of calm...

Fire Light Night
Camp fire against the dark night

Grateful for another day nice enough to have a little sounds and sights of summer nights...

Transcripts of Dream Memories
Swirling colors and images of small stick figures in various poses, acrylic painting with oil pastel drawings

Our experiences and memories continue to live on in the mystery of our minds.  I imagine that we hold the past in bubbles, perhaps carrying generations of events around with us.  Each new generation views the world through this additional layer of emotional lens.


The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like. When an image or a song "touches us,"the emotion of the piece has been attracted/connected to the same emotional part of ourselves.  That connection makes us aware of our emotion, sometimes revealing a forgotten sadness or anger. Now we have an important choice.  If we love the emotion we can let it grow, if we dislike the emotion we can let it go.  And this is the importance of art, it makes us aware of the emotional choices in our lives.


Surrounding ourselves with loving thoughts and joyful memories while allowing healing in areas of pain, can literally change our human experience.  This image speaks to this phenomena, that we shape our lives, one thought (bubble) at a time.

Oil Pastel and Acrylic Paint on Paper

Blue Moon - Lady in the Sky

And like a silent Earth-bound message, the clouds parted into a feminine figure in the night sky, imploring us all to move forward with nurturing, mothering actions. Nature holds rhythms of peace; the ocean waves, the patterns and spirals of living things, night and day, seasons changing. Natural awareness, our most basic meditation, brings calming and healing, a vacation that is as available as looking to the stars. Like stars projecting light, peaceful meditations send out healing vibrations. Let our focus manifest peace and love and healing...

Charcoal, graphite and colored pencil on paper
Going Home
sunset journey
secret garden
Life is But a Dream
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