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Acrylic Paintings

Restoring Natural Rhythm
Blue Moon
Birth of a Star #2
Birth of a Star #4
Karmic Resolution
Essence of the Sea
Cathedral of Trees
Seeds of Change
Universal Connection
My A-HA Moment
Cat Eye 2015

"The Inspiration for my art Finds me when I listen..."

Chele's Blue Moon

Four friends wrapped in crocheted warmth watched and waited as stars silently began to sparkle across the open valley view.  I sipped a burgundy wine and they sampled Blue Moon Ales as the stunning moonlight glinted off the glasses.  I often notice a full moon but rarely hold present to its energy rising.  The Blue Moon of 2015 marked a time expanse ∽∽ a collection of moments, when many, looking up and around themselves, tuned their awareness to the rising moon, knowing that Blue Moons are long stretches between being.  

Birth of a Star

Painting of a star based on hubble photos
Painting of a Star based on hubble photos
Painting of a Star based on hubble photos
Painting of a Star based on hubble photos

At the crossroads of turning tail, running from our dreams

OR courageously stepping into ourselves, my wish for you is to be comfortable in your own skin.  Let go, shine like the star you are and share your soul with the world...

Karmic Resolution

Swirling Acrylic painting with bright colors spiral designs with a landscape feel

We search for balance and answers. Each of us questing to solve the meaning of life, as if there is a simple solution chalked upon a blackboard in the sky.  We are made of energy and emotion and more things that yet to have names. When I close my eyes and let loose my imagination, a world of swirling colors appears, illustrating our journey through a most mysterious cosmos.  A dance is taking place between the planets and the stars, and we hold on tightly, soaring along at light speed with stardust blowing through our hair. 

Essence of the Sea
Abstract interpretation of waves crashing to shore, bright colors 5 panels to the piece

Limitlessly powerful waves carry the most delicate shells and wash them clean along the sand. 

Surf, sun and breeze feel empowering and uplifting, freeing and inspiring. 

Simply healing.

I connect with this story from the sea. We are the delicate creatures finding our way to the shore.

We are individuals grown from the same Earth, warmed by the same sun,

And moved along invisible waves of energy.

We ride together the constantly changing ebb and flow of being human and being alive. 

There are powerful crests when we feel on top of the world, and moments we feel so caught in emotional rip tides that we forget to relax and let the greater forces carry us home.

The sea reminds us that our lives are a journey of high and low tides.

That there is a rhythm to the light and dark hours.

That each journey is interconnected and that we walk the same Earth. 

May our journey together be a peaceful one.

Cathedral of Trees
Painting of trees forming a natural cathedral shape, earth tones

An Icelandic forest of tall trees forming a natural cathedral, takes the viewer into a feeling of looking up into a sacred natural space among the giant growth of an old forest.

Imagined from a photo of the inside of a cathedral in Iceland, where man-made architecture was taken back to the natural influence of the tree canopy.

Abstract seed pods on an empty winter stalk of a plant with blue and purple river stones behind
Seeds of Change

Walking a stony path, absorbing swift river echoes

Eyes drifting between distant swirling currents and steadfast grounded earth

Moon cycles gradually stamp fingerprints on each living thing

Halted and preserved with arms outstretched, stalks stiffly shiver the breeze

Life curls inside protective pods waiting the sunny warmth, yet months to visit

And always promising to move

Shadows continually shift drawing fresh fleeting portraits

Lasting strength first appears fragile… quiet, stiff, waiting

Then resiliency speaks

Storing up and turning inward…focusing, harnessing, accepting

Directing a new script, designing life, choosing to live

Planting those seeds of change

Universal Connection
Painting of a powerful full green tree

We grow in our surroundings

Like tree roots reaching deep and stretching forward

We seek to understand the mysteries of life.


The branches reaching high turn our eyes to the sky,

To the expansive blue open space.

Trunks sturdy and grounded stand firmly rooted

Mentors of patience and grace,

The grace to keep growing and forgiving,

Persevering each challenge to launch a new story, trusting help to arrive in perfect timing, like the Earth to the roots.

We are each others support.

And our joys sing like birds in the leaves.

Abstract mountain with spirals of colored energy surrounding the peak
My A-HA Moment

Vision of a Dream

A story untold collects energy to share.

It speaks to brushes, paints and canvas.

It gathers momentum, takes shape,

slipping into a sleeping mind.

The world presents synchronicities, arranging startling feelings of familiarity in seemingly unrelated events.

An artist notices glimpses reminiscent of the vision and bravely begins. 

Dream guides movement, demanding, more than encouraging to be seen.

"Step aside," says the dream.

"Hear me without listening,

you will find me in the places unlooked,

I am the words that elude your voice."

So you let go.

And there it is,

the Dream transformed in vibrating colors.

Acrylic painting with lots of color and flowing lines.

Restoring Natural Rhythm

Brush strokes, layered lightly with wispy lines feel feathery & soft.  Warm inviting light fills the center composition. The lines suggest that energy travels around with continual comforting movement. The intention for the viewer is to heal some part of themselves and remember to return to a calm state.

Blue Moon
Karmic Resolution
Cathedral of Trees
Universal Connection
Restoring Natural Rhythm
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