My Story

How I Got Here

I am a Pittsburgh native & moved to Central Pennsylvania in 1997 after touring Penn State University and being accepted into its Visual Arts program. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in visual arts in 2001, with a focus on painting and drawing. but my connection to art began long before college...

My Vision

I create to listen closely, to be vulnerable, to be alive. I create to share beauty and emotion with the world. I create to connect with my intuition. I realize that life speaks the loudest in quiet creative moments of connections. I offer you my images with peaceful intentions and a grateful heart, trusting that they will bring you moments of joy in your own home.

I am grateful to all those who support artists by attending shows, sharing our information on social media and purchasing all types of goods from small businesses.  I love interacting with others and seeing people really connect emotionally to my work.


"I believe EVERYONE can become comfortable with their own creativity..."

Schedule a private lesson or a group coloring session, every skill level is welcome...we are filling in lines and playing with color.  

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